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Does the name “The Blue Curtain” sound silly for an evil organization whose plan is to take over society by controlling the weather and human thought through the use of captured elemental spirits and stolen sacred relics?

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Mako! :D

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Whenever my mom gets mad at me, I imagine in my head what it would be like to just snap back right at her face and storm out of the house. In reality, I just give her a face (usually this :| ) and continue cleaning my room/whatever she wants.

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My coworker’s text tone is the TARDIS, and it keeps going off and I keep getting distracted from my work by thinking about different ways I would respond to a situation where the Doctor actually showed up in my office.


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brella’s not-that-big post of anime recs


HEY HEY, i’ve been very enthusiastic about anime lately and have had people coming into my askbox asking for suggestions or opinions, so to make things easier i’m making a LIST OF MY FAVORITE ANIMES. this list includes an introductory summary of each, a link to the OP (click the titles), a list of genres, and the number of episodes for easier marathon-gauging. i don’t have a lot because i haven’t seen a lot, but these are the ones i really enjoyed. IKIMASHOU!

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Playing portal gave me nausea and a headache. And a slight heart attack when the turrets showed up.