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Potter fans will get this - RT if it took you less than 3 seconds. (I heard he’s basically knockturnal.)

Source: Allegiance, A Musical Fan Page

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You blushed as they scooped you up on sugar maple wings, to gaze down on the city below, ablaze with wondrous things.

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A tub of baby Huskies walked by at the vet today

My fucking dream


I want :(

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list of movies: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) 
" It’s true then, what they’re saying on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts."

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This is my 999th post! (I think) What does this mean?

NOTHING. :P Though I am trying to be on tumblr more and learn how to use it better. The main problem of me not posting is that I don’t want to overburden my followers with Dr. Who/Sherlock/random stuff that happens to me. »

So what am I to do? -> Stay tuned!

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I had the weirdest dream. I was driving with my brother to a place that was kinda Midwest. We stopped at a set of small houses/cabins that had a giant sandstone-ish plaque in the front that read “… Home for women that were…” and it listed like 30 people with a description of how they were injured (werewolf, vampire, etc). We walked inside with these other tourists and there was this one dark room with a bunch of tools and chains hanging on the walls. There was another room that was like a classroom with desks. The last room we went into was like a normal living room with a small office area. I got creeped out when I had a vision of a fight where the original caretaker and his inhabitants were attacked and forced to leave. I turned to my brother, who apparently rummaged through the office desk and was looking at an old planner that looked commercially made and was leather bound. Except the dates were super old, like the ones on the plaque (year 999 or 1224). It had names and events and whatnot. He gave me a weird look, placed the book down, and we both briskly walled back to the car. In the distance there was a parade/gathering of people who were dressed in Gothic clothing and held signs that said “species equality!”. I drove away and into this one street, as the others were blocked off, and up a ramp next to a restaurant called Slim Jims. I turned left down the ramp but stopped due to the crowds but this time due zombies who were holding signs that said “down with the timelords!”. (of course, doctor who just had to show up »’) They acted hostile and there was a gap inbetween the crowds so I drove, but there was another crowd just ahead and behind me now. I saw a small ramp that was clear on the right so I drove towards it. The area below it was clear and the crowds were advancing so I drove straight into it, but turns out it was a river. So I tried to turn around and drive back on the ramp but we were swept away. The crowds of zombies were jeering us and whatnot. At the same time, I was yelling at the dashboard to teleport us away to safety. And that’s all I remember when I woke up from the dream and found myself sitting at a desk in a mental asylum.

Note to self: I’m not a timelord, my car is not a tardis, and I need to go to bed earlier and not drink caffeinated at 6pm. The last thing I remember doing before sleeping was researching betta fish.